My Principles

Takeaways from past projects as they pertain to Leadership, Design Direction, and UX / UI Design

Leadership Principles

I have been very motivated from early on to create collaborative environments that breed success for all team members involved—and doing so sustainably.

People Support What They Help to Create

(If one is invested, they’re going to be more motivated to work hard)

Succeed (or Fail) as a Team

(Team comes out stronger at the end than when they first began)

Invest in Investors

(Invest in those who show up and deliver, engage the rest)

Inclusion Breeds Performance

(Everyone gets the same chance to succeed and are encouraged to use it)

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

(Celebrate individual accomplishments as a team)

Sustainability Matters

(Iterative product design is long play, so keep a healthy pace)

One Step Back; Two Steps Forward

(After completion of every project, take a moment to reflect, learn, and grow)

All Defeat is Temporary

(Defeat is permanent only when one decides to quit)

Design Direction Principles

Some of my most rewarding experiences are rooted from building encompassing design systems, mentoring others, and growing with my team.

Set Personalized Motivations

(Get to the core of what motivates each team member to do their best)

Create Team Motivations

(Get to the core of what inspires the team to perform at their peak)

Incubate Self-Starters

(Create independent team units who take responsibilities on with passion)

Build Confidence Equity

(Instill patient listening and active participation to build a sense of certainty)

Share Everything

(Arm your team with resources they need to feel professionally fulfilled)

Good Ideas Sometimes Start with Bad Ones

(Don't be shy, warm up and get your reps in to get to the good stuff)

Riches are in the Niches

(Understand and double down on a team member’s strengths)

Lead from the Front Lines

(Empathy and front-line experience go a long way when managing creatives)

Think Like a Designer

(Every decision is carefully considered as to how it brings us closer to the goal)

UX / UI Design Principles

My definition of good design is using the least amount of visual elements to create to most impact. Building design systems isn’t just a job—it’s fun—let’s keep it that way!

Clarity About What Matters...

(…provides clarity about what does not)

Invite Perspectives

(Foster conversations that offer different ways of thinking) 

The 80/20 Rule

(Prioritize actions that will deliver the most meaningful results)

Decenter Yourself

(Become a better listener to design for a greater audience)

Ask Enough Questions

(The deeper the knowledge the more effective the solution)

Get Feedback Often

(Allow stakeholders to weigh in often to maintain being on track)

Think Systems

(Comprehensively consider how each experience feeds into the next)

Down to the Last Detail

(Leave no stone unturned when it comes to design decisions)

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