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Redesigning an experience for a legacy real estate investment firm with 2,000+ multi-family units.

Prime Capital Investments is a real estate investment company which brings multi-family real estate investment opportunities to accredited and sophisticated passive investors.

As the lead designer and developer, I was responsible for setting design direction for the rebranding and user experience redesign, while collaborating with leadership, acquisitions, and the marketing team on digital strategy.

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Prime Capital Investment updated brand identity


Prime Capital Investments was looking for a way to attract more accredited and sophisticated investors to their deals so they could acquire more (and larger) multi-family properties.

PCI is a multi-family real estate investment firm with over 2000+ units and 20+ years of experience. They source off-market deals and and raise capital from their network of passive investors.

They lead the real estate investment process from acquiring the asset, renovation the property, upgrading its operations, to distributing profits on a quarterly basis from rent and other capital events (such as a sale of the asset) to all investors involved in the deal.

SkillS used for This Project
  • Digital Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design Direction (Branding / UX & UI Design)
  • Front-end Development
  • UX Writing / Copywriting
  • Marketing System Design


My end-to-end redesign process consisted of updating the company's brand identity, user experience flow, as well as their marketing assets.

Month 1: Self-Evaluation, Competitor Analysis, and Brand Identity Redesign

Research & Brand Identity Redesign

I started by getting understanding of the current state of the company's digital strategy. To do so, we conducted a heuristic evaluation of its current website and brand identity. We also did a deep-dive into our competition.

We concluded that in order to stay relevant, we needed to infuse design-thinking into the company, and started with redesigning our brand identity.

Below is the logo prior to the redesign. It had some nice features, such as lines and colors, but felt that the font was a little dated.

Previous Prime Capital Investments logo

In the redesign, we kept the color scheme from the previous design to maintain a level of familiarity with previous and existing investors.

The Prime Capital Investments color scheme that we infused in the redesign

We went from an assortment of fonts to one single font family—Montserrat—chosen for its clean, low-profile look and it's wide array of weight options. The Montserrat font family was influenced by urban development, which fit Prime Capital Investments contextually.

Headings: Montserrat Bold

Body Copy: Montserrat Medium

Preserving the color scheme, line features from the previous logo, and infusing a new font, we created a new, responsive logo design.

The new Prime Capital Investments logo is responsive, having a full version of the logo as well as a scaled-down, abbreviated version

Along with the logo redesign, we created matching designs for business cards, a letterhead, as well as some digital collateral, like a smartphone wallpaper.

The Prime Capital Investments business card, letterhead, and smartphone wallpaper designs using the updated brand identity

Month 2: UX Research, Wireframing, & Website Design

Coming up with the Digital Strategy

During our research phase to seek out the best investor onboarding flows, we found that companies that raise the most capital for their real estate projects have the most integrated experiences.

Companies that don't have UX in mind have a segmented process from their marketing pages, to investor portal onboarding, to their nurture sequences.

We created a flow that creates the least amount of resistance for new investors to get signed up and commit their capital into a project.


The journey we mapped out for new investors, from their website visit to becoming a partner in the Prime Capital Investments real estate portfolio

UX Design & Feedback

Having a high-level understanding of the userflows, I created a "sketch" of what sections each page of the new website would have, as well as how it would contribute to the overall goal—to attract more investors and to close more deals.

My "sketch" of the Home Page:

A "sketch" of the Home Page for the new Prime Capital Investments website


Having a high-level sketch gives a good idea of the content, and now we wanted to flesh the concept out more by infusing the content into the design. The content for each page was an outcome from several UX writing workshops.

The design was now coming to life—a wireframe of the Home Page:

A wireframe of the home page for the new Prime Capital Investments website

Website Launch

Combining the updated brand identity with the wireframes, I designed & developed a live version of the site.

A live version of the Home Page:

The live version of the home page of the new Prime Capital Investments website

We launched the website and iterated on the investor onboarding experience, seeking to increase engagement (measured by the amount of time a user spends on the website), as well as reducing the bounce rate and increasing conversion rate.

Case Study Download call-to-action exists in the Footer of the PCI website

Month 3: Creating Marketing Collateral that Sell PCI's Real Estate Investments

Using the design system we created, we developed on-brand social media communications, email templates, and deal presentations (Investment Summaries) to entice investors to deploy their capital with PCI.

Prime Capital Investments social media feed

Prime Capital Investments Investment Summary template design


Prime Capital Investments was transformed. They're now armed with a digital strategy, an investor onboarding flow, as well as the ability to raise more capital, faster.

By completing this project, PCI raised their maximum investment capacity from $15.00MM to $35.00MM

After launching the redesigned Prime Capital Investments experience, new investor signups went up by 2000%.

Some of the iterations included testing various onboarding flows to see which yielded the most signups. We learned that having multiple entry points into the funnel, catering to investor's experience, was the best solution.

We created three ways to enter the funnel:

  1. Top of the Funnel (Email Signup): Allowing new investors to dip their feet in the water by giving them a place to sign up for PCI's educational communication. (Collect Email Only)
  2. Middle of the Funnel (Download Case Study): Allowing curious investors to sign up to download a behind-the-scenes look at one of PCI's success stories.(Collect Name, Email, and Phone Number)
  3. Bottom of the Funnel (Investor Portal Signup): Allowing "warm" investors to sign up to PCI's investor portal where they can view real estate investment details and place their soft commitments. (Collect Contact Info, Investment Amount, and Accreditation Status)

By applying design-thinking practices, updating their new investor onboarding experience, and modernizing their brand, we've positioned Prime Capital Investments to build stronger broker relationships and attracting family office investors—ie. bigger and better deals.

Prime Capital Investments has just completed their largest raise to date on a 88-unit, apartment community in the heart of Tempe, AZ. They acquired the asset for $18.07MM—of which, $6.20MM came from just one source.

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An interactive map feature showcasing all of Prime Capital Investments' assets across the United States

Prime Capital Investments web experience on mobile

PCI's Home Page Open Graph graphic

PCI's Investing Guide Page Open Graph graphic

A link to the case study about modernizing brand identity and UX for a legacy investments firm.

Prime Capital Investments hero section of the home page with a singular call-to-action—"Partner with Us"

"I only get the best reviews on our website. We have the best marketing team."

Danny Flores / Prime Capital Investments

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