Hi, I'm Vitaliy—

An Innovative Design Leader with 15 years of experience (with 6 years in leadership) delivering world-class digital products in fintech, investments, and real estate

Most Recently...

I’ve been working in fintech, investments, and real estate as the Director of Product Design at Raise Ready Systems, where I led executive strategy and pioneered a highly-rated marketing platform that enables private equity funds to oversubscribe their capital raise campaigns.

I was also a Design Manager at Hearsay Systems, where I led a global design team and headed design of the best-in-class compliance and supervision platform used by world's leading insurance and wealth management firms.

In my career, I have built many meaningful partnerships with direct reports, management, senior executives, as well as the board.

I have shaped many teams, coached countless colleagues on craft, and facilitated many cross-functional collaborations.

For my Next Role...

I seek to contribute my flexible and resourceful approach to design leadership at scaling or enterprise organizations.

Portrait of Vitaliy Gnezdilov.

"Vitaliy is always looking to improve the way we do things. His work on the CBS Sports Fantasy redesign was incredibly important to our corporate portfolio in many ways."

Don Eschenauer / Sr Director of Product Design, CBS Sports
A link to the case study about redesigning the CBS Sports Fantasy league creation experience.
View CBS Sports Fantasy redesign project  

Areas of Focus

In my 15 years collaborating with leadership, product, marketing, design, and engineering teams, I’ve invested the most energy in these qualities...


I have been very motivated from early on to create collaborative environments that breed success for all team members involved—and doing so sustainably.

Design Direction

Some of my most rewarding experiences are rooted from building encompassing design systems, mentoring others, and growing with my team.

UX / UI Design

My definition of good design is using the least amount of resources to create the most impact. Building design systems isn’t just a job—it’s fun—so let’s keep it that way!

Featured Case Studies

Below are two examples of my recent work with full case studies, featuring a detailed overview of each project, my process, and the result.

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